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Hot off the heels of the improvements made to ID card scanning in Reserva, ONELAN is delighted to announce a major update to the Reserva Room Signage solution. These enhancements underline ONELAN’s commitment to developing a truly world class workspace optimization and room signage solution. These new features will have a direct impact on employees and students, greatly improving the efficiency of booking and using meeting rooms, and improving productivity.

Simon Carp,
Senior Product Manager

New features include:

  • Find Free Room – Improved employee/student satisfaction by allowing users to find and book any free room from any Reserva Room Sign. This new workflow only shows the user rooms which are currently available to book, and includes how long they are available for and the resources available in each room. This ensures users can make an informed room selection which matches their requirements.
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  • Manage Room Resources – Improve meeting productivity by allowing staff/students to report issues with meeting room resources e.g. projector or conferencing facilities. This innovative feature not only notifies service teams of the issue but also meeting organisers whose meetings may be affected to ensure alternative arrangements can be made in advance.
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All of these new features are flexible and can be enabled or disabled as required. Other improvements include a new date picker in the advance booking interface. This shows calendar availability over a week or month view and makes it much easier to identify room availability.

Booking Advanced (calendar, month) - Light - Landscape

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Booking Advanced (calendar, week) - Light - Landscape

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A demo mode has also been introduced to make product demonstration much easier. This eliminates the need for an RCM or calendar connection and allows the full interactive user interface to be shown pre-loaded with dummy meetings, in a completely off-line environment.

These updates are available to almost all existing Reserva users. To find out more about how to upgrade your existing Reserva products, please contact

To find out more about this solution please contact your ONELAN account manager or contact us at or +44(0) 1491 411 400.

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