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ONELAN has received regular feedback from customers to say they would like to be able to interact with the Reserva Room Sign with their ID cards. For many people this is a more intuitive way to use the product and, being able to determine who is using the product opens many opportunities for new functionality.

We are committed to using customer feedback to drive innovation in our products so in 2017 we introduced an optional NFC ID card scanner to the Reserva Room Sign product. Initially this was integrated with Rendezvous Workspace from our partners at NFS Technology Group. With our latest update we are extending this solution to the masses by introducing support for Microsoft Exchange and Office 365 platforms.

So, what does this mean to an employee or student using Reserva in their office or university campus and how does this improve user experience? Here are the benefits of using ID card authentication:

  • Bookings made from the Reserva Room Sign are instantly personalised with the user’s full name instead of a generic, anonymous meeting title
  • The user is added as an attendee of the meeting so it’s always possible to review who booked a meeting
  • Users can ensure meetings are used for the purpose they were booked for by restricting the check-in/confirm attendance function to attendees of the meeting only
  • Eliminate the possibility of one person interfering with another person’s meeting by restricting extend, shorten and end meeting functions to meeting attendees only


This solution is built upon existing industry standard technologies. The Reserva card scanner can read high frequency NFC cards such as the market leading MIFARE® and DESfire® products and user authentication is built upon Active Directory technology. The solution has also been engineered to be easy to manage. Users can self-register their ID cards at any room sign or alternatively administrators are able to bulk upload and manage the user database centrally.

Also included in this update are a range of other new features, including:

  • Improvements to our existing Google Calendar integration and extended support for G Suite
  • Clearer display of setup and clean down times where the calendar supports this concept
  • Many other bug fixes and enhancements to improve customer experience

To find out more about this solution please contact your ONELAN account manager or contact us at or +44(0) 1491 411 400.

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